Processing Images from Color Run Chicago, 2012

Spent this morning attending The Color Run in Chicago, after taking great care to protect my camera from all the powder flying about.

I spent almost all of this evening going through the photographs and video I took, throughout the event. Lots of great stuff… but unfortunately, I couldn’t get the blog post written. First thing tomorrow, I promise.

For now, here’s a photo of me near the tail end of the event… shortly before I left the main stage and headed to my car. If you think I look bad here, the participants got way more powder thrown at them.

I can’t wait to share what I documented. Tomorrow’s recap should be really fun.

Protecting My Camera from Rain and Powder, Preparing for the Chicago Color Run

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  1. Hey there! We noticed you took a couple shots of our group, we were wearing the colored boa’s … if you have them, could you post them or email them to me!? THANK YOU! WE HOPE YOU HAD AS MUCH FUN AS WE DID!!!!!

    Molly Murley Reply

    • Hi Molly – did you see all the photos on the recap post? Is your group somewhere there?

      If not, do you recall where we met – either on the course, or at the stage area?

      avoision Reply

  2. Hey! Nice to see the photo worked out for you. I’m ridiculously lazy myself so I’ve just now edited my shots. See you at the next one, I assume!

    Kyle Reply

    • Hi Kyle – nice to officially meet you, and thanks again for taking my photo!

      Based on this gorgeous image you took from the June Color Run… I can’t wait to see what you captured last weekend.

      avoision Reply

      • I *wish* I would’ve gotten something as good as that one this time around. Unfortunately, the overcast skies didn’t give that really nice contrast that the sunlight in combination with the bright blue sky gave, so I’m not nearly as happy with the stuff I got this time around.

        Can’t wait until next year – hopefully the weather cooperates a bit more for us!

        Kyle Reply

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