Visiting New Orleans: Suggestions and Recommendations?

Liz and I are going to be visiting New Orleans soon, and I wanted to ask to see if anyone’s got any recommendations on places to eat, definite must-see spots, etc. Pretty much up for anything, but will likely pass on the whole “ziplining across a swamp full of crocodiles” thing.

I visited New Orleans ages and ages ago, as part of an AWP conference sometime around 2000. I think this might have been pre-blog, honestly… as I remember recounting my travels on, a now-defunct Flash forum.

It was a brief stay, and I mostly hung around the French Quarter while I was there. Beyond that is all pretty new to me, so I’ve definitely got some research and exploring to do.

It’s going to be an interesting trek out there this time. Last time, I was all alone and didn’t know anyone really. I met up with a few other folks attending the conference, but mostly it was just me. This time around, Liz is going down there for a professional conference… so I’m going to have most of the days to myself.

Going to spend some time in the next few days researching, but if you’ve got some favorites or some recommendations… I’d love to hear it!

[CC photo via wallyg]

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