Travel Delays

So far, it’s been a morning of waiting. We left at 9AM and arrived at Midway around 10:30 – with a food buffer before our 11:30 AM flight. On arriving, we saw that our flight was delayed – and is now slated to leave at 2:45 PM.

Earlier, the delay time was listed as 2:20 PM. I just realized that this was an intentional thing, as it falls just shy of 3 hours. When they announced an official delay and crossed the 3 hour mark… we were told there would be $100 refunds.

For now, Liz and I are just killing time. I have yet to figure out how to tether my iPad to my iPhone to get WiFi, so I’m slowly doing this post on my phone.

So far, I can’t seem to be able to resize images as precisely as I’d like, using the WP app. So things might look a little off here, the next few days.

Aaaand now back to just sitting around some more.

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