Liz and I don’t watch much TV, but when we do it’s usually something on Netflix as we’re eating dinner. I’m not sure how we first got started on watching Psych, but it’s a guilty pleasure that’s been really fun to watch.

We were both fans of Dulé Hill, when he was on The West Wing, and it’s been great to see him in a role so different from the one he played before.

Here’s a fun scene between Charlie (the President’s body man) and C. J. Craig (the Press Secretary):

And here’s a clip of Hill, from his role on Psych. Though he’s the straight man of the duo, he gets in some pretty great comedic moments:

The whole show to me is a bit like a modern day Encyclopedia Brown, but with a lot more silly buddy humor thrown in the mix. It’s no Sherlock, but a fun spin on the detective show genre.

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