Snoring: All In the Family

Now that I’m unemployed and spending the bulk of my days at home, I see our apartment in a while new light. It’s different being here, day in and day out, at my computer. One of the things I’ve learned? The rabbits spend a lot of their day, sleeping.

I guess I sort of knew this… as Liz has told me that rabbits are generally friskier in the early AM and early PM. But here’s the thing – when Baxter sleeps? She snores. A lot.

I’ve tried unsuccessfully to capture this on video. I used my Flip once, but the audio was too low and you couldn’t hear it. The tricky part about recording is that you have to get close… but if you get too close, Baxter gets started and hops away. One of these days, I’ll give it another go with my camera and see if that doesn’t work.

As I’m working at my desk, I’ll occasionally hear a soft snoring sound from the sunroom. At first, it was kind of funny… but now that I’m used to it, it’s a gentle, reassuring sound.

I find it funny that I’m also a pretty loud snorer – so much so that I’ve had to go to an overnight sleep test, and got set up with a CPAP machine.

Poor Quincy. Poor Liz. With all the noise in the house, it’s a wonder the two of them get any sleep at all.

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