Sad News: Glitch is Closing

Though I haven’t played the game in a long while, I was sad to find out that Glitch is closing.

It’s a bummer because just last year, the team there had hired on Keita Takahashi (the man behind Katamari Damacy), and it looked to be a really interesting collaboration.

Reading over the Shutdown FAQ is really sad:

We are really sorry. We failed you. And it is very, very painful: no-one wanted Glitch to succeed more than us. Every time we look at the game, we see the incredible effort that went into each little detail. Knowing the results of all that effort – those sketches and prototypes, those arguments and inspired discussions, those creative breakthroughs and those hard slogs through the mud – knowing all that will disappear is a terrible feeling, like losing an old friend.

I did an early blog post about the game last July, and got pretty into the game once I started. But after a certain threshold… I couldn’t bring myself to keep putting in time towards the game, and eventually fell off.

I did enjoy the world immensely, for the time I played. And I also enjoyed all the little tiny details, the way things would work in different combinations… the little jokes. In addition to the interactivity and graphics, the writing was pretty top notch as well. A lot of EI folks heard me talking about the game, non-stop… and I tried getting a lot of folks to peek in, to see what the place was all about.

I think I still have a character, and may have to pop back in at least one more time. I may try to see if I can arrange being there, when the world ends (again), for good this time.

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