Hello World: New Site Design is Up!

So… the new website is up and, hopefully, running fairly smoothly. I’m using a theme called Surplus, so a majority of the heavy lifting was already done for me.

I decided it was time to make the site a little more mobile-friendly, and to have a place to better show off the stuff I’ve done, personal info, etc.

Of special note – going to the home page of the site (avoision.com) no longer displays a summary of recent blog posts. Instead, it’s a kind of promo page with a lot of me-centric stuff. Since I’m now looking for work, I figured a more focused home page would be more appropriate.

But! If you’re looking for a page that shows all the recent blog posts in one spot, you can head here. The major difference with this page is that the blog posts are excerpted (whereas before, I was showing a post in its entirety).

I’m still of two minds about this approach, honestly. I, myself, like reading stuff all in one place… but I also don’t want to force people to download a crapton of photos unnecessarily (which happens, whenver I end up doing a lengthy blog post documenting some big event).

It’s an easy thing to change this approach, so I’m going to try it out for a while and see how it goes. If you feel strongly one way or othe other, I’d love to hear about it.

I’ve got a handful of small things I still need to tweak. Google Ads are tentatively disabled, as I need to find a way to make the ad units display in a more responsive manner. So for now, I’m using a few images from placekitten.

If you’ve got a spare moment (and a spare phone or tablet), I’d love to hear how the site looks to you on a different device. I’ve done a quick check on my iPad, but the site should hopefully play well outside of regular desktop browsers.

Any bugs or issues you so, I’m all ears. Feel free to browse around, and I’ll hopefully be cleaning up any messes I overlooked the first time around.

// Edit: Gah, just realized some of the older Flash projects/experiments lived on WP-generated pages… and need some additional tweaking. I’m running out to the store, so those might have to wait until a little later this evening.

Image Credit: NASA / NOAA / GSFC / Suomi NPP / VIIRS / Norman Kuring

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  1. Felix! You look great!!! Love the new look!

    yootopian Reply

    • Thanks, Utopia! Still spotting some areas to clean up here and there, but I’m very happy it’s finally up and running.

      avoision Reply

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