Dumb Ways to Die

A delightfully cute (and only slightly gruesome) video about really bad ways to go out. Reminded me a bit of Happy Tree Friends, but leaning a lot heavier on the cuteness.

Man, the people behind this PSA really got all their ducks in a row. There’s an official website, you can buy the single on iTunes or grab the mp3 free from Soundcloud, and a series of .gifs from the video.

It doesn’t hurt that the tune is pretty catchy, too.

[via MetaFilter]

And Our Winner for the Darwin Awards is…
Before I Die: Public Chalkboard Installation
Little Deaths

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  1. This reminds me of the Gashlycrumb Tinies. I had the poster in my room at college. http://www.plastic-castle.com/tom/tinies.htm

    And, ooh, you heard about the veterans who were killed just a few days ago when their parade float crossed train tracks even after the alarm sounded? Is that what prompted this post?

    juliet Reply

    • Oh man, I didn’t hear about the accident with the veterans – that’s terrible.

      There was no real prompting. The video just got released on Friday and has been making the rounds. It actually comes from Metro Australia, but just a really good PSA, regardless of continent.

      avoision Reply

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