Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

The construction that’s been happening behind my apartment have mostly completed by now. And the area that used to be fenced, and then was opened up… has now been fenced in once more. It’s been closed up for a few weeks now, but I just got around to taking an after photo.

This was taken on September 24th. The area was cleaned up, with grass laid down… but the fence posts suggested it wouldn’t be open for long.

Took this a few days ago. The whole area is now walled off. I’m sure it’s still as lovely as ever on the inside, but it’s now made the walk through the alley a little more drab.

Seeing these images side by side made me think of the comparison shots I did of the Art Institute, earlier this year.

Photographs of the Art Institute, Taken 119 Years Apart (1893 – 2012)
I Keep the Snowmobiles Parked Out Back
A Wall, A Door
Found Door

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