Receiving My 10 Year Anniversary Watch, Emmis Interactive

Last week, I was surprised when I heard the door buzzer go off in my apartment. Typically during the day, it’s just UPS or someone dropping off a package and requesting access into the main entryway. Usually they hit all the doorbells to the building, hoping someone will simply buzz them in.

After I let them in, I lingered by the door and heard footsteps bounding up the stairwell. They kept on coming until I could see the FedEx guy standing outside my door, about to knock.

I was surprised, and on signing for the dropoff I received a small, square package. On opening it up… I suddenly realized what it was.

For Emmis employees, you get a watch when you hit the 10-year mark – a great symbol and token of appreciation, for the time an employee has spent with the company.

I honestly had forgotten all about this. When I was let go in early October, after the company was acquired by Marketron, I was saddened to not have made it to the full 10-year mark (I was shy by about 18 days).

For the last year or so at work, I’ve been wanting to make it to my 10-year mark. The idea of the company watch to me, was a cool thing – a symbol of loyalty, work, dedication.

What I like most about the watch is that it seems a throwback to an earlier era of business. The whole idea of watch ceremonies makes me think back to a time when people stayed with a company their entire careers.

To me, there’s an air of nostalgia about the watch… and it’s even more pronounced, given the fact that I worked in tech the duration of my time with Emmis. I feel like nowadays, most people bounce around quickly and often, with the idea of ten years in one place an antiquated notion.

An inscription on the back: Emmis Communications, Felix Jung, 10/28/2002

I’m a bit bummed to have missed out on the ceremonial aspect, and being presented the watch by our CEO in front of my coworkers. But that’s totally just my ego talking. Given the nature of the changes happening at the time, this wouldn’t have been a possibility.

But beyond that selfish thought, I’m truly touched to have received this gift. Emmis in no way needed to provide this, and could easily have decided I didn’t meet the 10-year requirement.

Even now, when I look back, it’s pretty amazing to me that I spent almost a decade at the same job. I enjoyed the company of the people I worked with immensely, and the thought of leaving never even crossed my mind. More than anything else it was the people that made the job, and the place, what it was – a fun, energizing, creative environment with coworkers that would make me laugh, a lot.

I’m very touched to have received this watch from Emmis, as it’s a nice reminder of the time and work I put in, while I was under their employ. I’m proud of what I did for the company, and it’s really nice to feel that the company is proud of me, as well.

Goodbye, Emmis Interactive
Ben’s 10 Year Anniversary Watch, Emmis Interactive
10 Year Anniversary Watches, Emmis Interactive

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  1. Hey, we have matching watches now!

    Ben Reply

    • We do! It’s funny to think about how much apparel I have now, from EI: lots of t-shirts, a jacket, a few Kickball team shirts, one beach towel… and now a watch!

      avoision Reply

  2. What an awesome surprise! Congrats on the watch, my friend. Let’s drink to you sometime soon!

    Chris Reply

    • Name the TIME, and I’ll be there. Ahahaha!

      Seriously. Let me know. I need to get out of the house more.

      avoision Reply

  3. Congratulations Felix! Emmis treated me well, also, when I worked there for 9 years, left voluntarily, then returned. Instead of resetting the clock, I got my 10-year watch one year into my second stint. Very nice.

    Matt Reply

    • Thanks, Matt! I know a few other folks who returned after a brief hiatus, and Emmis was good about keeping the clock running for them as well.

      It’s good of them to treat their folks well. And it’s also a good reflection on them, seeing as how they have so many people who’ve stuck around for 10+ years!

      avoision Reply

  4. That’s great, Felix. I love watches (I have more than I need but fewer than I want) and that one is very pretty.

    GDainis Reply

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