The Smith Tapes: Lost Interviews with Rock Stars and Icons

The Smith Tapes is a pretty fascinating Kickstarter project, that’s just about to end. A quick synopsis:

Between 1969–1972, Howard Smith recorded interviews with scores of rock stars and cultural icons. As a Village Voice columnist and radio personality on WPLJ FM, Smith sat down for revealing, personal conversations with Eric Clapton, Andy Warhol, Jim Morrison, Buckminster Fuller, Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia and Hugh Hefner, to name just a few.

The original reels were rediscovered by Smith’s son and had been sitting, unopened, for about 40 years. And as you can imagine, the recordings are now being released.

The promotional video is pretty slick and incredibly well done (as is the artwork for the project). Check it out:

Here’s the catch though: the price. Getting the box set will set you back $300, which is far outside my price range (and, honestly, more than I’d be willing to pay for such a thing). There’s a digital version which is tempting, but at $80… that’s a little steep as well.

According to the project, they’ll also be posting up the interviews individually on iTunes. I tried searching, but couldn’t track them down. I wonder if it’s cheaper to buy them via iTunes, versus through the project. Doing the math, $4 per interview doesn’t seem all that bad.

Tough to justify, but the little snippets I’ve heard sound pretty awesome.

[via BoingBoing]

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