Exploring Sublime Text 2

I downloaded Sublime Text 2 a while ago, but haven’t really dug around the features all that much until today.

I recently got a link (thanks Ryan) to a series of videos on Tuts+ Premium, done by Jeffrey Way. The whole series is free, and pretty easy to follow.

In particular, I got a better handle on multiple cursors, how to select multiple items, and how to use the command palette (and reduce my use of the mouse). I also got introduced to a variety of helpful tools like Emmet,
Prefixr and Fetch. Although for my purposes, I think I need some more brushing up on the fundamentals, before I dive into shortcuts.

I’m a fan of Way’s style, having first been introduced to him by Justin many months ago. I was excited to find that they just (very recently) released a Backbone Tutorial, which I’m interested in. I may end up getting a month’s subscription, to check this out (and many of the other tutorials as well).

A lot to brush up on. A lot to learn. Good thing I find it all really fun and exciting.

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