Book Launch Party – We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: The Oral History of Q101

On Friday, I met up with Chris and Nate, to go attend the launch party for JVO’s book – We Appreciate Your Enthusiasm: The Oral History of Q101. The event was at Challengers Comics, but we met up ahead of time for a few drinks at Green Eye.

Originally, it was to be a few drinks. But Nate turned into someone who, the moment your back was turned, appeared out of nowhere with three shots in his hands. We put back a good amount before we even got over to the book launch party.

Outside Challengers.

James, being the proverbial host and chatting with one of the many folks in attendance.

All the cool people get a Challengers name tag…

Pretty cool to see a large display of James’ book – front and center, right when you walk in the door.

It was fun spotting many folks, from back when we used to work in the Q101 offices at the Merchandise Mart. In addition to seeing a lot of EI folks (AJ, Mike, Brian, Sandra), it was a nice surprise to see so many familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in many, many years.

Jeff, showing off (nearly?) every single pass for every single Q101 show, ever.

Old Q101 folks, posing together with JVO.

It was great to see the culmination of James’ work, and it’s amazing to me that this all began as an idea… as a project on Kickstarter. It’s been a great read so far, and I highly recommend picking up a copy (physical or electronic). The book is currently availble on: Amazon | Kindle | Nook

And though I’ve posted this video a few times now, I still think it’s a great talk that James did (about his first car, and his love of music). If you haven’t seen this yet, you’ll know why James was so interested in chronicling the history of Q101:

If you’re interested in listening to James talk more about music (and interview some pretty great musicians), check out his podcast on the Steve Dahl Network.

Off the Record Collection: Book Launch Party at Challengers Comics

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