Save the Day: Helicopter Rescue Game

Save the Day
is a fun/addictive little game where your job is pilot a helicopter, helping to save all 200 citizens of Calamity Falls (before Mt. Torrid erupts). You’ve got two minutes to complete your goal, but can pick up extra time along the way.

The controls are really easy to figure out, and you can get through much of the game without ever using the spacebar (which shoots water to extinguish fires). There are some power-up options that let you extend time and such, but I haven’t messed around much with that – the game is fun enough to play on its own, without all the extras.

Note that you’ll get prompted a lot to login with Facebook and such, but there’s an option to avoid all that at just “play as guest.”

The only qualm I have is that there’s no way to adjust or lower the audio. The sound work is pretty great and done well, but after a few plays… you kind of want a way to tone down the blaring alarms.

But I guess… a volcano is erupting. So what do you expect, right?

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  1. This game is killing me. I lost a lot of time to it today, and only seem to be able to rescue 199/200. Unless they count the helicopter pilot as the 200. Hard to tell.

    The 2 minute time limit is dangerous, as it makes you constantly say “oh, just one more time.” OCD people, watch out.

    avoision Reply

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