Keeping a Food Log

Yesterday, I started working with a new trainer at Xsport. My old trainer (Mike) moved to a different location, and now I’m working with a guy named Charles. He’s got a pretty intense way about him, and I’m pretty certain he’s going to be kicking my butt something awful.

He wasn’t able to find my file, so our first session ended up being a basic one – strength tests, and generally talking about what I’m looking to do. It’s funny because I didn’t have any specific goals beyond the basic ones most guys have – lose the stomach, work on the arms. In talking more, I felt I needed to improve my abs (which are terrible) and also wanted to increase my endurance.

Something most trainers ask for, when working with you for the first time, is a food log. So for the past two days, I’ve been incredibly conscious of what I’ve been eating… though now that I look back on it, my food choices haven’t been all that great.

Now that I’m working again, I started falling into a pattern of ordering my breakfast at Starbucks. Once the food log kicked in, I cut that out almost immediately… and started to pick up a banana instead.

But despite the feeling that someone’s looking over my shoulder, judging my food intake… I can already sense myself slipping a bit, here and there. For lunch on Friday, I decided against ordering a hamburger and got a chicken avocado wrap, instead. But also ate the fries that came with it.

Interesting side note – the team I’m working with went out to lunch, to celebrate a coworker’s birthday. Our destination? B&B.

Small world, no? The more things change, the more they stay the same, sometimes.

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