Vertical Carnival: Hyper-Detailed Letterpress Print, by Allison Rae

My friend Allison Rae has a new print up called Vertical Carnival – a follow-up to herVertical Cities print.

You can see the beginning of it in the image (above), but definitely check out the etsy page, so you can get a larger view of the awesome slide (that runs nearly the entire height of the print).

These screenshots here don’t nearly do this thing justice. There’s a ton of attention to detail here, as I know Allison spent a great deal of time and thought putting it together:

Carnival riffs on the previous idea of the city re-imagined on a vertical plane and narrows the focus to a vertically sprawling amusement park. I really wanted to continue working in the same vein as before, with an obsessive eye toward signage + architecture, and a nod toward some of the now-retro illustration styles from various ’70s/80s cartoons of my youth. Sesame Street’s Pinball Count videos were a particular inspiration.

You can find out more about Allison by following her on Twitter and visiting her website. And of course, her work is available for purchase on Etsy.

Vertical Cities: Limited Edition Letterpress Print by Allison

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