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Recently, my niece Jasmine sent us a letter in the mail. For Christmas, Liz thought it would be a fun idea to begin a correspondence, and encourage her to continue writing us (with us sending letters back and forth).

From that idea, I decided a fun gift would be to create some stamps with her image on them – courtesy of PhotoStamps.

I’d used this service before, about six years ago… and though they’re a bit pricey, they’re a lot of fun. Particularly when you choose the right image.

The image I used was of Jasmine and Jahnu, when they were visiting Grandma Phoebe last Christmas. I asked them to make a serious face, and then a silly one. Of course, I used the silly one to create the stamps.

Jasmine’s stamp.

And Jahnu’s stamp. We decided to get him a set, just in case he got jealous his sister got her own stamp.

Perhaps we’ll get letters from both of them!

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