Sick Day

I ended up calling in sick to work today. Around 11:00 AM, Liz and I rolled out of bed and made our way to the grocery store. We got a few supplies.

Liz is starting to get what I’ve had for the past few days. When we got home to Chicago last night, I took my temperature and I was rocking a nice 100.4. So we decided to take things down a notch, and just try to rest up.

I feel slightly better today, but I’ve still got a nasty cough and crashed for 3 hours in the mid-afternoon. I’m going in to work tomorrow to finish up some quick things, but may leave at noon just to try to get more rest in.

Though I tend to get sick once a year, I rarely stay sick for more than a day or two. So to have something like this lingering around is highly unusual for me. My guess is all the recent travels have prolonged things… so the tentative plan is to rest up, and try to drown my illness with soup and orange juice.

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