Cat Naps and Insomnia

For the past few days, ever since we got back into town, Liz and I have been trying to rest up and recover from our respective illnesses. I went in to work briefly yesterday, but for the most part have been at the apartment.

During the days, Liz and I have gotten in the habit of taking naps. We both get an ok amount of sleep at night, but I’ve been going back to bed around noon for a few hours. Yesterday was pretty funny, as Liz and I were almost rotating shifts in bed – I got up around 5PM, and she then went and took a nap until around 7PM or so.

Though it feels like we’re getting more sleep (which is a good thing), these afternoon naps have an additional side-effect: difficulty sleeping at night. Now that I’m no longer having a NyQuill nightcap each night, I’m finding it harder to fall asleep… and it seems to get later and later each night.

Couple this with a bad case of coughing last night, and it drove me out of the bedroom and onto the couch. I didn’t want to keep Liz awake, and it took me a while to eventually fall asleep on my own out in the living room.

And so, I’m now stuck in a vicious cycle – nap during the day, which keeps me up late at night, which leave me a bit tired and wanting a nap during the day. You can see where this goes. And yes, I did take a nap earlier today, from 12 – 3PM. I may end up going back to NyQuill just to see about getting onto a regular sleep schedule again.

So far, Liz has been fighting the pull of a daytime nap and been successful. She’s got some of the symptoms (headache, aches and pains, no fever yet) but they seem a bit milder, which is good. Usually, when we have our own sickness feed-back loop, I’m the one who gets sick first, then Liz catches it (but it tends to treat her worse).

It’s rare for me to be sick for so long, and whatever I’ve got just keeps lingering around. I think we’re both really ready to be back to normal, and to stop sniffling and coughing and just be done with it already.

[CC photo via Dr. Hemmert]

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