Ringing in the New Year, From the Couch

Me and Liz, celebrating New Year’s Eve with a glass of wine and a bit of Nyquil. Not sure if you can see our bunnies, but Quincy and Baxter are sitting on the rug in the hallway (just above the box of Kleenex).

The two of us have slowly been recovering from sickness for the past week or so. For me, it’s just a lingering cough. But for Liz, she’s still in the thick of it, and struggling to get a good night’s sleep most nights.

We had a nice invitation to attend a NYE party (with what I imagine would have been a great view of Navy Pier’s fireworks), but we sadly had to decline. We’re heading for a week-long vacation in less than a week, and it just makes more sense to try to rest up at home. So we hunkered down on the couch, ended up watching Looper, and rang in the new year very quietly in our apartment.

Since this was pretty much the most anti-climatic NYE party ever, I thought it would be funny to take a self-portrait of ourselves. For much of the night, Liz just focused on her knitting. And for me, if I wasn’t watching a movie… I was probably playing Triple Town on my phone. Again.

By the time you’re reading this, it will officially be 2013… so let me say: Happy New Year! May this next year be an exciting and eventful one for you, even if you do choose to spend a portion of it sitting on the couch.

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