Caribbean Cruise, Day 2: Princess Cays

Today was our first day at a new location: the Princess Cays. Technically, I think this is an island that is owned by the Princess cruise line. According to the info we got, the normal population of this place is 2 (when there are no cruises around).

Starting at around 9:00 AM, the cruise began shuttling people from the boat to shore in what are called “tender” boats. Each person on the cruise is issued an ID card, which is typically used at meals or to buy things, but they’re also used to track passengers – we each had to get “scanned” on departing and re-entering the ship.

I was a bit nervous about getting seasick on the ride over, and a few times the tender boat made some pretty serious dips in the water. But I focused mostly on the horizon, and arrived on land without being too much worse for the wear.

One of many “clamshells” that were for rent. Liz and I got settled in pretty close to Julie, Bob, Katie and Dan.

Bob, in full on relaxation mode.

Liz, resting up a bit after a quick dip in the water. Throughout the day, she and Julie hopped in the water and explored the area where we were hanging out in their snorkel gear.

Aunt Karen and Uncle Kenny, testing out the waters.

Liz and her mom, snorkeling. They were pretty far out, when I took this photo.

Liz, breaking down her gear and heading back to our clamshell to dry off in the sun.

One of the many tender boats that ferried us to/from the main vessel.

It’s hard to really get the proper scale for how large the boat is, but this is taken from shore, looking back out to our cruise ship.

Funny side note: Liz and I had signed up for a glass bottom Kayak thing, but ultimately decided that we would just rather lounge around on the beach instead. Since there was a no refund policy on the excursion, we ended up giving our ticket away to some random folks who were nearby. It turned out well for all parties involved.

It felt like a bit of a pro move, as we decided to focus on relaxing instead of trying to cram in an activity we weren’t so keen on doing.

Later on in the day, after dinner. Oh, the huge manatee!

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