Back Home in Chicago

We had an early checkout time from the boat and were up, packed, and making our way through customs by 7:30 AM.

By the time we got off the ship and were on land, it was close to 8:00 AM. We lined up with about 30 other people, waiting for taxis… and stood out there for what seemed like 20 minutes. We got pretty nervous, as our flight was at 9:50 AM. Looking around – not a taxi in sight.

Eventually, a fleet of taxis arrived (guessing someone put in a call). But for a while there, it got us pretty anxious. And just like Chicago, we had to check with a few taxis before we found someone who would take a credit card.

On the flight home it’s funny how nonchalant I became, in regards to turbulence. I still got a bit nervous, but was much better on the ride home than I normally am. With all the ups and downs with the ship, it made turbulence seem like less of a worry.

After a week’s worth of ocean blue, we arrived home to a rather brown and drab Chicago. Even though there was a dramatic color change… it felt good to be arriving home, and to be back on familiar ground once more.

Even if the ground still feels like it’s rocking back and forth, ever so slightly.

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