Catching Up with Justin @ Rodan

Lately I’ve been trying to hang out with friends a bit more, one on one. For the longest time, it was easy enough to simply show up at work and everyone I socialized with was right there at the workplace. Anymore, I’ll see folks in some occasional group get-togethers, but as fun as those are… I never seem to be able to really get to talk to any one person, in depth.

So I’m starting to try to meet up with folks, over drinks or coffee (or lunch), and get caught up a bit. Last night, Justin and I headed back to one of our old haunts: Rodan.

Not a ton of details to share, just a good catching-up session that’s been a long time coming. He’s had a busy end of the year, and with me getting back from the holidays (and a cruise), it’s been a long while since we’d hung out.

Snapped this photo of Justin, as we were able to leave. Catching the veritgo-like halo was a nice plus, but I was really just trying to capture his t-shirt.

Bonus points to anyone who knows what his t-shirt means.

Justin @ Rodan
Drinks @ Rodan

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