“Losing My Religion” by REM, Shifted to a Major Scale

Major Scaled posts up some interesting takes on classic songs – taking their well-known minor keys, and shifting them into major keys.

When shifted into a major key, everything sounds much more upbeat, happier. And the disconnect that happens in your brain is a kind of delightful thing, with you comparing what you’re hearing with the version you remember. The sensation is what I imagine a Prozac-forced smile to feel like.

Hearing this classic REM song is definitely a jarring thing. A bit like seeing a clown in a cemetery – something just doesn’t feel quite right about the whole thing.

And for comparison, here’s the original:

The natural next step to me would be shifting “Shiny Happy People” to a minor scale.

[via BoingBoing]

//Update: If you’re curious about the details behind how this was made, check out this article.

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