First Snow Project

Woke up this morning to see the ground covered in a thin layer of snow, and realized I hadn’t posted up my First Snow Project yet this winter. We may have gotten a more significant snowfall earlier this year, but all I seem to remember have been some pretty light dustings.

It’s been cold lately, and we’ve had some ice buildup… but no real snow that I can recall (though maybe we got some while Liz and I were away, in the Caribbean).

Once every winter, I like posting up this First Snow Project. Looking to Flickr for keywords like snow, snowflake, etc., images are displayed that match up with me reading a poem I wrote.

The project technically refreshes as more snow-related images are uploaded to Flickr, and should be different with each viewing, changing year to year.

Looking at it again now, it seems so dated being built in Flash. It’s on my to-do list to convert this thing over to JS and make it a bit more browser/mobile friendly. I don’t get them much anymore as a grown up, but perhaps it’s something I can do if I ever get another snow day.

First Snow in Wellington, New Zealand, In Over 30 Years
Chicago Blizzard, Day 1

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