This is Not a Real Emergency: Chicago Fire Film Set, Logan Square Blue Line Stop

On our way to work yesterday morning, Liz and I happened to notice a lot of traffic backing up along Milwaukee. It’s normally not congested at all, but today the cars were packed in pretty tight.

As we got closer to the Logan Square Blue Line stop, we started seeing a lot of emergency vehicles. I mean, A LOT. Multiple police cars, multiple ambulances, a few fire trucks.

At first, when we saw some flashing lights, we figured someone maybe got hurt or had a heart attack. But the more vehicles we started seeing, the more serious things looked. Having multiple ambulances on the scene gave me the impression that a lot of people were hurt or needed treatment.

Looking a bit further down Kedzie, Liz spotted a fire truck that didn’t quite look right. We figured that was the main one used in the show Chicago Fire (which has been filming a lot in our neighborhood, lately).

There were a few CTA guys standing around, and I went up to them to confirm that all the vehicles (blocking off Kedzie) were, indeed, for the show.

A few seconds later, we spotted this sign near the Blue Line entrance. I felt bad for those CTA guys, as the woman walking in front of us also asked them the same question I did. I bet they got the same question, all day long.

Seeing this sign made me laugh, and I instantly thought of Homer Simpson’s “Everything’s OK alarm.”

Looking over these photos now, I’m wondering if they’ll end up digitally adding in advertisement, to the two giant, blank billboards in the background.

Starting the Morning with a Fire
New Giant, Empty Billboard Installed in Logan Square
Tempting the Taggers

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