A Brief Visit to Lincoln Park Zoo

Stacey, Shane and the kids came in to Chicago on Friday, and we spent a lot of that time eating and hanging out. On Friday, shortly after they arrived, we met up with them at Rainforest Cafe (which was really close to their hotel). On Saturday, we trekked out to Lincoln Park Zoo to walk around a bit – a trip the kids were excited to make, to visit the gorillas.

Jahnu, monkeying around.

Jasmine, getting a piggy-back ride. Or, technically, a silverback piggy-back ride. Seeing here in this photo, I’m struck by how much she looks like my sister (and also resembles the photographs I’ve seen of my mother, when she was younger).

While visiting the gorillas, I learned that there was not just one newborn… but two. Although I’m not sure I ever figured out this little guy’s name.

I believe this is Patty, who was born in early November. It’s amazing to me that to date, there have been 52 gorillas born at the zoo.

The new guy, nibbling on a carrot. I wonder how well he’d get along with Baxter and Quincy.

It was nice to be able to wander around a bit, with not much of a crowd due to the cold. But we didn’t stay terribly long, as the weather got to us and we ended up taking in an early lunch instead. Hard to believe that it was more than two years ago that we were last here with Stacey and her family. Time flies!

Lincoln Park Zoo with the Hutte Family
Wedding Reception Recon: Lincoln Park Zoo

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