Crossroads and Contracts

I’ve been searching around for movies involving contracts of some form or another – primarily written contracts. This is mostly for a side project I’m finishing up, and after asking people on Facebook for suggestions… I’ve gotten a good number of them. Trick of it now is to find a clip on YouTube that features those moments involving a contract of some kind.

This is a flashback scene from the 1986 movie Crossroads, starring Ralph Macchio. I remember seeing this movie a few times as a kid, mostly when it was on repeat on HBO. But I recall precious little of the film – beyond the fact that Steve Vai played the “bad” guitar player. It may have been another few years before I learned who Vai was (and before I decided to recreate his guitar in shop class).

Initially, I thought the assistant was played by Denzel Washington. But in reading over the comments, I realized that it’s actually actor Joe Morton. Blame my eyes or the quality of the video, but there were a few moments where I was convinced he was channeling Denzel.

One of these days (hopefully soon), I’m going to get this side project up and running. I just need to carve out a little more time. Soon soon.

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