Balloon Bowls, by Maarten De Ceulaer

I happened across an interesting series of short documentaries, made by Victor Hunt showcasing the artists in their collection. The title “Balloon Bowls” caught my eye, and I got immediately sucked in to Maarten De Ceulaer’s work.

De Ceulaer was interested in using plaster as “an end material,” and not just something used for making moulds. He tested out this approach by filling a balloon with plaster, and ended up with a fairly useless object that had perfectly smooth sides.

He then realized that if he used two balloons in conjunction (one balloon inflated inside another balloon containing the plaster), he could end up with a plaster bowl with extremely smooth surfaces.

Watching De Ceulaer work is a pretty cool process, and it’s pretty amazing how many variations he can get by simply altering a few of the steps: size, color, angle. A neat idea that produces a lot of great looking work.

You can visit the Victor Hunt website to check out some of the finished pieces.

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