Billy Sunday @ Logan Square

Over the weekend, as we were walking home from Lula Cafe, Liz and I spotted a new bar that had popped up. I remembered reading about Billy Sunday on Rachelle’s blog a long while ago, and was excited to give it a try.

Last night, Liz and I happened to sync up on our way home from work. And as we exited the Logan Square Blue Line station, we decided to head over for a few drinks.

We arrived around 5:45PM or so, and were among the first people there. The interior decor felt really warm and elegant, including everything from the display behind the bar to the plates and napkins in front of us. There were some neat tincture/containers being used by the bartenders, and I remembered thinking that Justin would really dig this place.

Walking here after work reminded us how much we like Logan Square, and how much we like living in the city. It’s pretty great to be able to stop off at a great bar like this, on the way home. Homebodies that we are, Liz and I tend to go straight back to the apartment after work most days.

But stopping off for a few drinks at Billy Sunday was a nice and relaxing way to end a Monday, and to start off the week.

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