Measuring Pi Using Pies

It’s always fun whenever March 14th rolls around as it’s Pi Day (3/14). Many, many years ago I created a little Flash experiment that let you assign musical notes to certain numbers, letting you “listen” to each digit of pi. It’s called pi10k and you’re more than welcome to give it a spin.

The project made its way to the Netscape homepage back in 2005/2006, and ever since then… it’s made the rounds whenever 3/14 rolls around. Lots of folks still seem to like it (a music teacher even went so far as to use the Flash project to record a song), which is flattering to me given how old the project is.

Every year, there seems to be one new video that ends up catching the public’s attention and defining “Pi Day.” This time around, my vote goes to YouTube user Numberphile, who’s created a fun video where he attempts to measure out pi using actual pies. Many of us probably thought about doing this, but he actually went out and did it. And probably got really full as a result:

You can check out more videos on his YouTube channel. And hey! His channel is also where I happened to find a video featuring my friend Alex Dainis (discussing Synesthesia no less)!

This Internet, I tell ya. Small world.

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