Pi Day, Busy Day

As I mentioned, things get a little crazy around here when Pi Day (3/14) rolls around. Most days, I’ll fire up Google Analytics and use the “Real Time” feature to see who’s currently *on* my site at a particular moment. For the most part, I’ll average 3-4 people at any given time during the day, viewing some page on avoision.com.

Last Thursday, this is what I saw:

Pretty crazy, right? I’m sure more popular sites see this kind of thing all the time, but it blows my mind to imagine 90 different people viewing my site at the same time. Thursday was a busy day.

The traffic spiked back down a day or two later, and things settled to a more normal amount. But it’s always fun to peek in on my little website once a year, when a lot of people stop by just to listen to 10,000 notes.

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