Lazy Saturday Bunny Rabbit Afternoon Nap Time

L to R it’s Quincy and Baxter, taking a late afternoon snooze in the Sunroom. This is pretty much how I love to spend a weekend afternoon: relaxing, and dozing off… under a chair.

I love how Baxter is kind of reclined over, half-leaning in her sleep. She’s been much improved since her visit to the vet, and is very much back to being her old self again.

Looking over at Quincy in this photo, I can’t help but think: Man, that’s a big rabbit butt.

As a totally random aside, I happen to have a screenshot of Google Analytics, when I was watching some of the real-time visitors show up. Apparently, at least one person found my site using the search term “rabbit butt is huge.” I find that hysterical.

// EDIT: Holy wow! Apparently, my site is the first search result when using the phrase “rabbit butt is huge”. I’m not sure what this means, but I’m pretty sure it means this blog is going to make me rich.

1) Post bunny photos
2) Dominate search results (rabbit, butt)
3) ???
4) Profit!

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