Coughing, Convalescence, Couch

Here’s where I’ve been sleeping the past two nights.

Though I’m slowly feeling better with each passing day, whatever this illness is likes to stick around. I feel like there’s a 5% improvement each day… and I’m just gradually, ever so slowly getting better. It’s just taking a long time.

In the evenings are usually the worst, when I’m on my back. The coughing gets much more pronounced, and when we go to bed… lately I’ve been coughing so much, I’ve been shaking the bed. Which results in Liz not getting a good night’s sleep, either.

So the last two nights, I’ve volunteered to go sleep out on the couch – hopefully far enough away that my coughing doesn’t keep her up. It’s not been terrible, but it’s not been great either. Luckily so far, I haven’t gotten any kind of weird neck crinks as a result of this, so I’ll count that as a win.

Woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a while, but we’ll see how this goes. There is still an awful lot of evil that’s coming out of my face in the mornings, so as long as that keeps happening I know I’m not well.

Today marks a two week period when I first came down with something. Crazy that it’s been this long – I haven’t been to the gym this entire time. At first it was nice, but now I’m definitely starting to miss it. I’d much rather be sore from working out, versus having sore muscles due to coughing nonstop.

A Cough, a Sneeze, and the Ignominy of Back Pain

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