Liz the Accountant

Liz, working in the kitchen and doing our taxes. Sorry to not be taking your photo this year, James – but maybe next year?

Given my strong dislike for all things financial, I totally lucked out. Being married to someone who has a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics definitely has its benefits.

PS: Five bucks if you can tell what Liz’s favorite color is.

Request for Encouragement: Liz’s Upcoming Cumulative Exam
Liz’s Graduation and Celebration: Master’s of Science in Applied Statistics
Our Accountant: James C. Kamin
Calling the Kettle… Black

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    • Correct! But to avoid complicating your taxes for 2012, I’m going to go ahead and “withhold” this $5 until some later time. Purely for your benefit, of course.

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