Meeting Seth

On Friday, after work, we met up with Seth at Longman & Eagle. We had exchanged a few emails, back and forth, earlier in the work week, but today was the first time we met in person.

Seth helps people find houses. And well… Liz and I have been talking lately, and we’re looking to buy a place.

Our meeting on Friday was more of a “get to know one another” thing, and we had an enjoyable time talking about our thoughts, expectations, and the current status of the housing market. Liz and I have a lot to learn yet, but we’re slowly setting forth to move from renters to owners.

It should get pretty interesting here, in the next few months.

Inauguration/Housewarming Party at Justin’s
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Our Accountant: James C. Kamin

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    • We actually looked at that listing, as a joke. I would love it, but the technical requirements are such that it needs to be put to some actual use (beyond just a residence, I think). But seriously – we were going to install a fireman’s pole anyway in whatever house we buy, and this place already has one! The thing pays for itself!

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