The Wheelharp: Keyboard Instrument That Lets You Play Up to 61 Strings

The Wheelharp is a keyboard instrument that lets you actually play up to 61 strings (that’s 5 octaves to you and me). Using a wheel to bow the strings, the device sounds a lot like a stringed instrument – letting you control the sound through things like the bowing speed, altering the pitch, and adjusting the volume through a dampening pedal.

The shape and look of the device is pretty darn funky. At a price point of $10,000 each… you’ve got to be pretty serious if you want one of these bad boys.

What do you say – Kickstarter project so we can buy a Theremin, a Glass Harmonica, and a Wheelharp… and we’ll start the most awesomest band ever.

More links (to video and audio of the instrument in action) from MetaFilter

Playing the Player Piano

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