After I Leave the Last Kleenex in the Box, My Wife Leaves Me a Gentle Reminder That She Knows the Score

So I left the last Kleenex in the box, figuring that if I wasn’t the person who used the last one… I wouldn’t have to recycle the box. Lo and behold, my wife leaves me a nice note telling me she’s on to my game, and refuses to play.

The funniest part of this is that I didn’t find this note until super early one morning. I ended up going in to a group cardio class that my gym trainer was leading, but it was crazy early in the AM (we had to show up at 5:15 AM). So I was pretty bleared-eyed when I walked in to the bathroom.

But on finding this note, despite how tired I was… it got me to laugh out loud.

I should probably go throw that box away now.

And So We Enter… Endgame

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  1. Busted! My dad does the same thing all the time with all sorts of stuff — the jar of peanuts, the box of crackers, the box of cereal. My mom has never been clever enough to leave a note like that, though. Way to go, Liz!

    Juliet Reply

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