Meagan’s Goodbye Party

Several folks gathered together at the old B&B on Friday, to help celebrate Meagan’s newest job: working for Barack Obama and Organizing for Action.

Since Marketron acquired Emmis Interactive last year, lots of folks have shifted or moved on to different positions/companies. It was nice to see a few familiar faces gathered together again, if only for a little while.

I’m out of practice with having the camera out, and didn’t start taking pictures until I was deeply into my cups. These photos were the ones that were taken towards the end of my time hanging out.

L to R it’s Christine, Meagan, Tim, and Justin.

Our server, Ziggy, posing with Tim.

I’m really fuzzy as to how it started, but our server made some passing comment about how she could lift a lot of weight. She asked me how much I weighed, and when I told her I was over 200lb… she claimed she could lift me up in the air.

A bit later in the evening. Again, not sure how this came about but Meagan also claimed she could lift me in the air.

I have been drinking a good deal, by this point in time.

An overview of the table in back, taken by Tim. Given the larger size of our party, we got to take over the backroom area (which was nice, and a little quieter than the rest of the crowded basement).

L to R it’s Meagan, Alexandra, Utopia, and Quincy.

A nice shot of Alexandra, Utopia, and Quincy (who, collectively, can also be found at Def Intellect.

Tonight was my first time meeting Quincy in person, and listening to him and Utopia banter back and forth was quite delightful. They’re a fun pair to see together.

I also got to talk with Ben, Chris, Jane, and Sandra albeit briefly.

Fun night, although I feel like I got rip-roaring drunk rather quickly. Possibly due to the fact that the bartender had a killer pitching arm, and the Jameson shots I ordered came back as small baby pools of liquor. I most definitely paid for this, the next day.

I’m genuinely excited for Meagan and this new position, as I think it’ll be a really fun and challenging environment for her. I remember reading a few interesting articles involving Obama’s site, the team’s use of technology, and their experiments with A/B testing. Very cool stuff.

Congratulations, Meagan!

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