Gods Will Be Watching: Resource and Turn-Based Survival Game

Gods Will Be Watching
is a compelling and minimalist survival game, where you manage a stranded crew, trying to conserve enough bullets to defend yourselves, create enough vaccines to cure viral infection, gather enough food, and fix a broken radio… all within 40 days.

Each day, you’re given a set number of actions you can undertake. Your crew includes a dog, a solider, a doctor, a psychiatrist, an engineer, and a robot. Each person can perform a unique task, and each task costs you a specific action point.

The game is remarkably difficult, despite the simplicity of the actions. In addition to making sure everyone has enough food, you have to talk to individuals to help keep morale high (if their morale gets too low, some crew members will run away).

Honestly, there’s a lot that can go wrong in the game for you. And so far, I haven’t made it beyond Day 30 yet. I feel like I’m slowly getting better at my strategy, but have not yet fully repaired the radio to 100% yet.

Oh, and did I mention you can also shoot crew members? It lessens moral, but also reduces the amount of food (or vaccines) you might otherwise consume. I’m not sure if this is the only way to survive all 40 days, or if there’s a way to ensure everyone makes it out together.

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