Rebound: Simple and Deceptively Difficult Physics Game with Two Buttons

is a really basic game to play, as there are just two buttons. A rotates left, and D rotates right. That’s all there is to the game. Your goal: get to the right, as much as you can.

Despite how easy it sounds, the game is pretty tricky. You can only bounce a set number of times in the same spot, before the ground starts to give way. Tilt too far in the wrong direction, and you’ll end up going towards the left, instead of the right.

For those of you who have played QWOP, there’s a similar delight/frustration thing happening here, with this game.

Haven’t gotten very far, but I find myself going back to this game every once in a while… just to see if I can better my score. Right now, I’ve only gotten to around 40.

Note that the web version requires the Unity Player. But if you want to download the game to play on your machine, you can grab a version from Creatively Bankrupt.

[via MetaFilter]

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