Car with Giant, Pink Moustache – Logan Square

On the way to work Monday morning, I happened to look up at the Logan/Milwaukee intersection and spotted a flash of pink. I was able to hand LLiz my umbrella as I fumbled for my camera, wanting to document this odd sight: a car sporting an incredibly large, and incredibly pink moustache on its grill.

As it drove by, I tried yelling out Stop! I moustache you a question about your car! But sadly, they just kept on driving by.

Doing a little digging around online, it turns out the car is part of Lyft, a taxi service similar to Uber, but using regular people and their regular cars, instead.

The main difference with Lyft seems to be that nearly anyone can sign up to be a driver. The company still vets and approves everyone who becomes a driver, but the draw here seems to be that you’ll be getting a ride with someone safe, friendly, and probably interested in meeting/talking with new people.

So far, the only person I know who’s tried this service has been Katherine, and from what I saw on her Twitter feed… she had some very positive experiences. Might be tempted to give this service a whirl…

Maybe we could make another batch of chocolate moustaches, and give them out as tips.

Chocolate Noses, Chocolate Moustaches
The Logan Square Lane Puzzle

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