Margie’s Candies

From time to time, Julie and Bob will come into the city and spend the evening with us. We’ve gone and hit up a few bars/restaurants in our neighborhood, and it’s always a fun time. Over the weekend, they came in and we tried (unsucessfully) to get in to Longman & Eagle. So far, it’s the one neighborhood spot that has always filled up before we can get there in time.

So instead, we had some drinks and pizza over at Reno. Afterwards, we decided to hop on the Milwaukee buss a few stops, and to have our dessert over at Margie’s.

Though we were pacing for a pretty early night, by the time we showed up there it was already a 30 minute wait. So we just hung around outside, for a little while (Bob ran across the street, and brought back coffee for everyone).

Once we were notified that we were next up, we went inside. It’s extremely close quarters by the door, as there’s not a lot of room to stand around (and even less room for the servers, going back and forth).

The whole place doesn’t seat all that many people, but it’s always busy and there are always people waiting for those coveted booths.

Sitting down, we looked over all the different options on the menu. The Royal George was tempting, but I don’t think we were in any shape to tackle something like that. Maybe if we had a few more people with us…

Everyone had their own, individual boat full of chocolate (or butterscotch). Even though there was a line and a wait to get inside the place, totally, totally worth it.

Me and my regular banana split. I hate to confess this, but I couldn’t finish mine. Too much pizza prior to, and not enough room left. Next time, though. Next time.

Close, But No Ice Cream

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