Game of Thrones: Creating the Dothraki Language

Liz and I have (kinda) been watching Game of Thrones, and have really enjoyed it so far. We’re watching via Netflix, so we’re about a season behind, having just finished Season 2.

I found myself remembering this video that I happened to see online, that talks about the massive amount of work that went into creating the (fictional) Dothraki language.

For those not familiar with the show, the Dothraki are “a copper-skinned race of warlike nomads,” highly skilled in combat and riding horses. For the TV adaptation of the novel, they decided to contact David J. Peterson at the Language Creation Society, and had him literally construct the language from the ground up:

For those who have already mastered Klingon, you can now pick up Dothraki as a second language.

Really looking forward to watching Season 3, and trying hard to avoid spoilers. We like the show, but not enough to drop money to get cable. So it looks like we’ll be waiting a while, until it shows up on Netflix.

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