A Happy Surprise: Free Pastries and Bread at La Boulangerie, Logan Square

Walking through the neighborhood around 8:00 PM, Liz and I passed by La Boulangerie – the french bakery and pastry shop at the end of our street. We were walking to go grab a drink and pick up some take-out food… and noticed a small bag of pastries (a bag chock full of tasty croissants), sitting by the door. We decided to grab some on the way back.

On returning, we found that someone had taken the entire bag of croissants. But luckily, there were even more bags of things set out – full of baguettes and loaves of bread.

It took a bit of restraint to prevent ourselves from simply grabbing a bag and dashing off.

In the end, we just grabbed two loaves as a supplement to our dinner. Here’s Liz, checking to see if maybe there were a few croissants left, hidden underneath everything else.

One of these days, if we get lucky, maybe they’ll put out some leftover macarons.


La Boulangerie Bakery, Logan Square

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