Tokyo Dreams: Short Videos of People Sleeping on the Subway

Tokyo Dreams is a video featuring small clips of people, falling asleep while on the subway. I like that there are small chapters to this video, as it sticks with its main theme… but moves to different types of sleepers, and different phases of sleeping/waking.

There’s something very intimate about these images, as you feel like you’re really up close to each person as they’re at their most vulnerable. What’s interesting is seeing how quickly the trains are moving, with the background blurring behind each set of closed eyes and nodding heads.

Tokyo, by The Books
Tokyo Time-Lapse
On The Subway Train This Morning

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  1. I used to fall asleep on the El on the way home from work all the time. I’m glad to see other people doing that, too. But man, those trains are so clean! I wish the ones in Chicago were half so clean!

    Juliet Reply

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