Jasmine Gets a Sticker: You Are Beautiful

I got a note from my sister today that my niece, Jasmine, was a ball girl for a soccer game this weekend. In the bag that was given to the volunteers, there was also a sticker – a You Are Beautiful sticker!

The first YAB sticker I saw was way back in 2002, while walking around Chicago’s Wicker Park and Bucktown neighborhoods (the original stickers had a completely different look to them).

Fast forward over ten years later, and the sticker has gone world-wide – and now springs up everywhere I look and sometimes in very surprising places.

What a lovely bit of symmetry. My first encounter was in 2002, a full two years before Jasmine would be born. And now here she, a decade later, holding a sticker she’s found on her own.

Small, beautiful world.

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