Sleeping My Day Away

Not sure what’s wrong with me, but I spent a lot of today asleep. I mean a LOT of the day. I think that maybe I was awake for 8-9 hours in total.

Liz thinks that my mask isn’t working properly – which is a possibility. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten any kind of replacements, so perhaps the mask is faulty.

Being tired is one part of it, but there’s also a kind of desire for sleep – or at least, a kind of desire to be absent. Not sure if that makes any sense or not. I haven’t felt like doing much of anything lately, and sleep just seems like the next, natural step.

My allergies have gotten pretty severe the last two days, so perhaps this is another culprit. It’s possible I’ve got some kind of cold as well, given how stuffed up I’ve been. I’ve been taking Zyrtec and it’s been keeping all my allergies at bay, save for these last two days… which makes me wonder if I haven’t gotten a bit of whatever’s been floating around the office.

It is odd, but hopefully it’ll pass with this weekend. With all the sleep I’m getting, maybe Monday will see me bright and alert once more.

And of course, I can’t have a blog post like this without actually sharing the song Sleeping my Day Away, now could I?

I don’t remember these guys much, beyond this one song of theirs… which I think was popular for like a hot minute, back in the early 90’s. Their look makes me think that Angus Young and Poison had some love-children.

But hey, who am I to talk? I had some pretty terrible fashion choices when I was in the 90’s, and there are probably photos of me on Facebook that make these guys look like they’re wearing tuxedos.

Looking at the video now, it’s kind of crazy how instantly I’m transported to my home in Indianapolis, imagining myself watching MTV.

// Edit: Just now got to the middle part, and totally forgot there was some kind of animation in the video. Random?

Funny thing – I’d like to say that I wasted today just watching old metal videos for hours on end. But I can’t even say that.

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