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My friend Matt recently launched an indiegogo campaign to fund The Vagabond Chef, a project born from two of his passions: cooking and travel.

Starting from the “dish pit,” Matt is someone that’s worked his way up through the kitchen. He’s spent the last four years at an awesome place called Galena Lodge, where he’s been working as the Sous Chef and Kitchen Supervisor. Check out this gorgeous promotional video for the lodge:

On his website, Matt has already been hard at work. There’s a lot of great stuff to be found, including photographs of his meals, custom recipes, as well as posts about cooking techniques.

Matt is also a strong writer, and given his friendly and curious personality… he is excellent at documenting his adventures.

Matt is one of those rare individuals that can do a lot of different things well. He reminds me of my friend Brian in many ways – as both of them are smart guys, good with words, and very passionate about travel (and the people they encounter along the way).

Matt’s project is a great one, and well worth backing. I encourage you to consider donating if you can, as any little bit (even a dollar) helps his campaign move that much closer to its target (and IMO modest) goal.

You can find Matt and his project in a variety of places online: check him out on Twitter, Instagram, and of course The Vagabond Chef website.

Dinner with Old Friends

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