Chicken Wings and Anthropomorphic Cannibalism

My friend Utopia recently had an unsettling experience, as she was heading home for the day. In her words:

Walking home I see seagulls eating chicken wings from the parking lot and I stop myself from shouting at them, “Nooooooo!!!! Don’t you know what you’re eating?!!….. you’re…. eating…. your OWN wing!

Reading this, it’s pretty funny. But I’m sure if I actually saw and experienced this incident myself, I’d likely be just as horrified as she was.

For some reason, I immediately thought of different food-related advertising mascots – specifically the ones that try to convince you that it (or its brethren) are tasty and worth eating. Not sure why, but my mind always goes to Charlie the Tuna as being the worst offender of the bunch.

Did a little digging, and found this great series of photos, entitled Anthropomorphic Cannibalism. Also worth checking out: Suicide Food

[Photo Credit: agmilmoe]

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  1. LOL! So true!!! Oh the horror!

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